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SBurbia - Sprite Sheet by Duo-minds SBurbia - Sprite Sheet :iconduo-minds:Duo-minds 1 0 SBurbia Poster by Duo-minds SBurbia Poster :iconduo-minds:Duo-minds 0 0 Robot Wars 2016 Robots by Duo-minds Robot Wars 2016 Robots :iconduo-minds:Duo-minds 9 7 MCM London May Cosplay by Duo-minds MCM London May Cosplay :iconduo-minds:Duo-minds 1 0
HS - I'll Find You Soon Enough - Part 4
The ocean was calm, large metal fins gracefully paddled the deep waters. A mechanical, fuchsia tail pushed the bulk in time with the chug of an engine. Jonoah Mirano sat quietly at the helm of his subhive, with the heiress resting quietly in the hold. She laid back on a ratty old resting platform, littered with mismatched cushions and an aged, patched-up snuggle plain, keeping herself and her chauffer updated with Dracor’s memo. Every now and then, he would let out what felt like a low rumble, then a whine. He’d wait for a moments, appearing to listen out for a similar noise, then tap at various pieces of equipment, flicking at switches and dials, before returning to his wheel.
“I am just so glubbing excited about this! It sounded like a lot went down after I died.” she bubbled. “I’ve just been glubbing to Nepeta about it all, about those other humans they met and the new session they went to.” She moved to a more comfortable position on the ma
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HS - I'll Find You Soon Enough - Part 3
Flying is always an enjoyable aspect of godhood. It came with the robes and the powers, and accessible by all aspects. The low rush of the wind as it whipped around you, a raw force often wielded by Breath heroes, and as calming as it could be exhilarating.
Two bodies, limbs intertwined, fell gracefully from the clear midnight heavens, each body leaving a glowing trail of blue, one bright cyan, the other a low navy. The breeze brushed against Jane Crocker’s cheek and tousled her hair, slowly waking her. She had her arms wound tight around John’s chest after they had jumped through, who was still unconscious, his long windsock hood billowing around them. The soft fluorescent lights of the suburbs stretched out to the horizon, the haze marking out individual streets, cul-de-sacs and neighbourhoods. She looked around where they were descending. The street lights came to a stop along the edge of the lake, the moon underneath them.
Then, the Maid realized that they weren’t
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HS- I'll Find You Soon Enough - Part 2
Spered Bainsh was a simple troll of simple tastes. He enjoyed hunting, lusus-back riding, the occasional sessions of FLARPing, and displaying his general brash nature as a Cerlianblood male. He was the type to hunt both trolls, lusii and beasts indiscriminately, for “sport”, without rhyme or reason. The Orion troll had few friends, no quadrants and barely kept in contact with anyone. The only troll he ever talked to was a purpleblood female, who gave of a vibe of “way older than she ought to be”, and both unsettled each other far too much to be in the same room for any period of time. The Purpleblood would hide her face behind an ornate mask, rather than paint, along with a garish amount of feathers and sequins decorating the accessory and her leotard.
After a successful hunt of a wild-tusked gruntbeast, Spered started tugging away at some of his barbed arrows from out of the beast’s hide. It groaned slightly, and was responded with a cold strike to the te
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HS- I'll Find You Soon Enough - Part 1
The April breeze was gentle, leaves quietly rustling on the trees of a small suburban neighbourhood of Maple Valley, Washington. A middle-aged father take a deep and thoughtful puff on his pipe. It was over four years ago today that his son went missing on his 13th birthday, the house suddenly vacant from his joyful demeanour, which left a hollow feeling inside the man. The boy’s room was left frozen, only entered for light cleaning. A mere memory as the months passed and no sign of his son’s return. A face in the paper making its rounds, for a long lost child. Eventually, clothes were removed from the wardrobe, posters taken down and neatly stored away, and the immense harlequin collection gathered and stored in the attic. James Huxtable Egbert began to bond with old contacts who had also lost their charges that day; a woman who had lost her daughter, a young man whose younger brother had left and an elder gentleman whose granddaughter had disappeared. One evening after re
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HS - Trainbubbles - Part 5 END
“So, you say that you saw your ancestors on the underground, after going through a dreambubble and passing the ghost stations?” Krunzi’s voice echoed through the darkness, the hard thud of his boots and the occasional scraping clunk of his cog gauntlets reverberated along the tunnel’s walls. The troll was squat for his age and cast, but pretty well build underneath. His engineering, lugging those hefty gauntlets as hands, and playing Sgrub had done him good by fitness standards. We’d met at Olive Station after my brief chat with Ravuse, and the pair of us had been walking alongside the Yellow-Green section of train track conversing. At his insistence of safety, we were wearing what the humans referred to as “Hi-vis vests”, saying that they’d be needed more when we got to Lime Station.
After The Game, Krunzi decided to be a full time Mechamaimer, repairing and maintaining the AUR as a first step. And with his skills in mechanical engines,
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HS- I'll Find You Soon Enough - Prelude
They won. They won and that was all they needed to know. A final team made up of five sessions, consisting of 24 trolls, 8 humans, 7 sprites and a lone cherub. Standing on the endgame platform was the twelve-windowed Sgrub logo of the troll’s game, in the colours of all the major teams: purple for Team Adorabloodthirsty/Fruity Rumpus Party Town, orange for Team Second Spin, and green and red for the pre- and post-scratch kids respectively. From the collaborative efforts of all four Space players and their knights, a new Genesis Frog had been encoded and was set to grow in a healthy Skaia. Hundreds of eyes fixed eagerly in anticipation into the gentle blue swirls, as B Slick ran through each life stage: from tadpole, you young frog to a fully formed adult. One set of ocular globes belonging to the Knight of Blood, scanned the universe that was expanding before them, looking out for any reoccurring patterns, hoping he didn’t make the same mistake as last time.
Then it happene
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HS - Trainbubbles - Part 4: 1 New MSG on Trollian
looseNebular [LN] began trolling steamEmbers [SE] at 20:34
[LN] ewooooooo
[SE] h£yo Om£gu$
[SE] how ar£ you k££ping?
[LN] rly gud
[LN] & u?
[SE] not bad h£r£
[SE] got th£ forg£ burning nic£ly
[LN] oooooh, wat u makin?
[SE] making $om£ p£ndant$ for £v£ryone
[LN] preddy
[SE] mhm, I’v£ actually pulled £nough gold out for 24 if I’m £conomical with it.
[LN] makes me bit qweezy nowing were it cms frm
[LN] bt it’s wat makes it xtra spesial
[LN] ooh, bfr I frgt y I came here
[LN] I needed 2 ask u sumthin
[SE] ??
[LN] about ancestors
[LN] pyaww?
[SE] y£ah, y£ah
[SE] I’m $till h£r£
[SE] ju$t, th£ $tuff almo$t boil£d ov£r
[SE] god it’$ £v£rywh£r£
[SE] ok, anc£$tor$, what do you want to know?
[LN] umm, how’d u find urs?
[LN] & how wud u kno?
[SE] um
[SE] I don’t know r£ally, it’$ b££n diff
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HS - Trainbubbles - Part 3
I took a moment to take in the interior. Tirasa had the honours of being Ravuse’s server player, so I wasn’t sure what to expect the inside of her hive to look like. The renovations were still a work in progress, but what there was so far was dark, rich and ornate, much like the entrance. Ravuse arrived with an armful of books, she stacked them on to the large wooden desk and slid behind it, a black and olive shawl draped over her shoulders and a Void brooch affixed to the side.
“So, how can the Crow-Witch help?” She asks, thatching her fingers together and placing them in front of herself. The fact she referred to herself by her class in that manner, I found rather quaint. In the depths of this “Library”, Po cawed, echoing through the halls.
“Last morning, Omegus and I had apparently travelled through a dreambubble between the Lime and Gold stations on the underground.” I began. “We had passed the three ghost stations on the way wh
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SecondSpin Forum: pt 1 northenSpray Opened a Memo
[NS] y'all better NOT fuckin try to cheat the system
[ES] If yOU'rE EvEr cUrsEd, jUst cOnsIdEr thE fIrst wrIgglEr A wrItE Off And wOrk On #2
[ES] thErE wE gO
[NS] or imma bust yo bass with some wraith lasers
[ES] sEA-dwEllIng wrAIths hAvE lAsErs?
[NS] no that was just to throw you off course and confuse you while ill plant all dese TNT
[LE] =O ...
[LN] ah shet
[ES] wEll, hE's EthErEAl, And cAn plAnt bOmbs
[ES] wE'rE fUckEd
[NS] the only thing that can satisfy my wraithlike anger is vodka and sea-salt liquorice
[LN] i hve vdka
[NS] is it proper vodka?
[LE] =O oracan has salt liquorice but he's asleep
[LE] =O we have Smirnoff
[NS] it has to be Absolut vodka
[LN] rice pudd
[ES] Or lIqUOrIcE vOdkA
[ES] nO, wAIt
[ES] thAt gOt drUnk
[NS] Woah woah woah
[LN] ew, Absolut n Smirnoff r bth grim
[LN] gry goose all th way
[NS] hold up
[NS] hold the fuck up
[NS] did you say rice pudding?
[LN] hell 2 da yeee
[LN] w/ raisins
[NS] bulge fuck-
[NS] get out
[LN] wut o.o'
[NS] get the fuck out of my wrai
:iconduo-minds:Duo-minds 0 0
HS - Trainbubbles - Part 2
“…and then the thtupid bulgthucker dropth me down a fucking flight of thtairth and knockth my teeth out.”
We had taken a break from collecting flowers to enjoy the night with a lawnmeal from the hamper basket we had brought with us. There was a variety of grubloaves, cold boiled tubers and some sliced fruit. Stella had come out for a bit and brought us a blanket to sit on, which had pictures of hopbeasts and her symbol in bright orange, and some bottles of sparkling apple juice that she had been keeping cool in her warren hive. They were from Dracor, made from the apples from the massive orchid that surrounded her hive near the desert. Omegus and Sno-kita were rolling around in the grass, playing. Aradia had heard that Sollux was in the area and had decided to join us, making flower crowns with some of the harvest.
I waited a moment before asking him a question, one that had been preying on my mind. But I needed to set the scene.
“Sollux…” I wasn
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HS - Train Bubbles - Part 1
I’m not quite used to having to be traveling this late into the morning, I make it a rule to be back home before dawn begins. The wheels of the Alternian subway make a gentle clacking sound, as they glides across the tracks, making its way through the Oliveblood district. This, coupled with the late hour and the subtle rocking of the carriage, had sent my dear sister Omegus into a quiet nap. Slumped up against me with her head on my lap and her jacket askew as a blanket.
It has been a few months since news of The Condesce’s defeat made it planet wide, I was well prepared to become part of the Royal Guards Regiment as planned, expecting to be faced with the same standards as prior with wonky adaptions to the new ruling. But we were met with a fully refreshed and revisited system, with brand new uniforms, each custom tailored for each troll. The chokers generally administered to Psionics and other Yellowbloods were taken out of commission, the new Empress deemed them too
:iconduo-minds:Duo-minds 1 0
HS - GodTiers Taking Over by Duo-minds HS - GodTiers Taking Over :iconduo-minds:Duo-minds 2 0


=AH= Ryan 'Mad King' Haywood - Fan Button by GyroPhysics =AH= Ryan 'Mad King' Haywood - Fan Button :icongyrophysics:GyroPhysics 35 7 Ryan Haywood Stamp by CadetCutie Ryan Haywood Stamp :iconcadetcutie:CadetCutie 148 4
Creationism - AH AU Chapter 1
With every exhale, he breathed new life into the world. Deft hands molded the landscape, painted the sky and threw stars into existence. Mountains rose from the ball like clay. Water filled in where the hearth had receded, creating a vast ocean and many lakes. Magma boiled beneath the fresh crust, waiting to be released. Wherever he raked his fingers, grass and trees sprung up. With it, came the first animals. They stumbled about, braying, mewing, and crying out with new lungs. Kingdoms rose across the expanses and all was peaceful on the beautiful, infantile planet.
Geoff looked upon it, cradled it in his palm and smiled serenely. Yes, it was magnificent, but it was incomplete. This new world would be his home. For too long he resided among the cosmos, sitting upon a lofty throne of stars and power. For too long he has been alone. Yes, he would make this his true home.
As the planet turned in his hand, he contemplated the six kingdoms. One would be his, marked by a grand monolith and
:iconrageasaurusfuck:Rageasaurusfuck 20 3
Male Furry Dollmaker v1.1 by geN8hedgehog Male Furry Dollmaker v1.1 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 28,861 15,111 Female Furry Dollmaker v1.2 by geN8hedgehog Female Furry Dollmaker v1.2 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 35,689 20,085 Angel and Demon Hierarchy poster by humon Angel and Demon Hierarchy poster :iconhumon:humon 4,153 363 Blink blink by BlasticHeart Blink blink :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 827 23 HOMESTUCK SPRITE BASE SHEET by HalloweenStreet HOMESTUCK SPRITE BASE SHEET :iconhalloweenstreet:HalloweenStreet 273 3 Team Instinct by lilmisskayla Team Instinct :iconlilmisskayla:lilmisskayla 123 11
Undertale - ECHO animation :iconv0idless:v0idless 2,242 423
Caboose Fan Button by Agent--Kiwi Caboose Fan Button :iconagent--kiwi:Agent--Kiwi 50 6 MARKIPLIER TRANSFORMATION!!! by Jinyuu MARKIPLIER TRANSFORMATION!!! :iconjinyuu:Jinyuu 3,304 197 Darkiplier Fan button by buttonsmakerv2 Darkiplier Fan button :iconbuttonsmakerv2:buttonsmakerv2 52 6 Official Unofficial Achievement Hunter Teams Chart by xanidubia Official Unofficial Achievement Hunter Teams Chart :iconxanidubia:xanidubia 275 59 Twelve Elements by UMSAuthorLava Twelve Elements :iconumsauthorlava:UMSAuthorLava 254 46 Homestuck Sleep Base by serialArtistry Homestuck Sleep Base :iconserialartistry:serialArtistry 75 3




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